Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Go! St. Louis Half Marathon Race Report

Go! St. Louis Race Report by Fifty States HALF Marathon Club member George Pugh:

4/15/2012 – Go! St. Louis Half Marathon in St. Louis, Missouri started in the downtown area and heated up dramatically in the beginning as we ran south past the Budwiser Brewery and back into the downtown area. However, a cool breeze greeted the crowd as we went west toward Forest Park. This was my fourth Go! St. Louis, in addition to other St. Louis events, and you just never realize how hilly St. Louis can be when you are driving in a car. Not steep upward, hilly climbs, but gentle long slopes that seem to go on forever and really drain the energy from your body. All that being said, with the cool wind, great fan support from my friends in the Belleville Running Club at the 10 mile mark, and plenty of GU and liquids, I managed to run my Go! St. Louis personal best time at 2:27:18. It’s a good race because 15,000 people can’t all be wrong.

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